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The start of an Idea:

In the beginning this site was created as a small class project while at college and its intention was to serve as a piece for my portfolio. With countless hours of developing this piece, it now serves as an innovative foundation for my expanding portfolio. From taking pieces out of my main portfolio and constant updating, many have not seen some of the other creations of work that I have done. Using many of these pieces from the past and present, I have constructed an online web site portfolio.

The Concept of the Idea (My Logo):

Heart with bullets, was one of a few pieces that I choose to go with. I used my name/initials so that it would be a link to my web site portfolio. The sun along with the moon & stars represents the amount of time that a graphic designer will take to achieve the goals of a project. Whether it is day or night ideas are being conveyed and created every moment. The bullets represent the alterations or modifications that people have toward a piece. As a graphic designer it is important to backup your statement & defend it by dodging those bullets so that your idea is left standing.

I am the Artist:

I consider myself to be a Graphic/Web Designer and Illustrator. I find that it is necessary to be familiar with the printing aspects of graphic design as well as designing the concepts themselves. I have an understanding of how it works, from creating concepts on screen to the press and achieving deadlines that are set. In my illustrations I have created a style that presents itself throughout my work and that makes me different from other illustrators.

I also provide other skills and talents that other designers don’t have; one being is that I can produce and replicate documents. For example, suppose a client only has a hard copy of a flyer and is able to provide the images, with my expertise, it can be easily recreated and match the original.

My Statements:

The Philosophy of Design

My philosophy is not only the designing of a piece; but, its purpose to communicate itself visibly to the individual. A design does not have to be difficult; however, it should bring an understanding of the idea that I wish to convey to the individual. Within each piece that I create by hand, is an idea that can be viewed differently by every person.

The Art of Illustrations

Illustrations portray what I imagined when creating these pieces. The illustrations that I create are not only imaginative; but, rather in the realm of being in between line art and detail. Much of the creation of my style developed from my dreams and this is where my true structure of art exists. The art of illustrations may appear abstract; however, I bring out the awareness of my interest.