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About Me:


I grew up in the Chicago Suburbs with family and relatives living near and far. High school was almost over and I quite didn’t know what direction or path I would take to like. In 2002, I registered at the College of DuPage (COD) and took various classes in different curriculums. A few classes into the graphic design program, I grew to love drawing fine and abstract illustrations. I began to experiment with other types of mediums such as water color and colored pencils. After my associate degree in graphic design, I then turned to the graphic arts program. There with better depth, I began working with the Adobe Creative Suite and page layout programs in a printing stand point. With being at COD I built and strengthen my skill level; and, the understanding of the printing aspect along with a graphic designer’s view of the world of graphic design and print. Within these years I worked and gained experience in the printing industry and also began freelance work.


In 2008 I transferred to Robert Morris College which later became Robert Morris University. There I studied Business Management amongst new colleagues and pupils. In mid 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Management. With the passing of a dearest friend I went through so much; and, during these years I found a new form of love which was poetry while writing within the moment of time that I never wished away.


Today my passion is writing; such as poetry with what I feel for and see life within and through me. I also do freelance graphic design & illustration while working within my means of a starving artist for success; and, inspiration of, for and by others. I sincerely thank all those who have touched my heart, dream, mind & soul to be where I am today as I continue this endless journey.